Meet the team

At Time Specialist Support, we employ people who understand the needs of people living with special needs. We pride ourselves on being flexible around your specific needs.

If you call or email Time Specialist Support – here are the faces behind the names of those helping you.

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Photo: Tori


As well as setting up and managing Time Specialist support, Tori is also a qualified speech and language therapist and has worked with children with autism since qualifying in 2000.

She was inspired to set up a specialist support agency when she was studying at university.

 “After putting up an advert for babysitting in a specialist nursery where I was doing a clinical placement I was overwhelmed at how much families seemed desperate for this kind of support. It was then I realised the importance of just having a couple of hours off to do normal things like shopping or to clean the bath”

 She set up Time Babysitting in 2008 and changed the name to Time Specialist Support in 2012 to reflect the changing nature of the service.

“We began to recruit more and more older children, and families wanted us to take their children out rather than staying in. Our support workers are much more interactive and hands on than the title babysitter suggested”

As well as running Time Specialist support, Tori was also the co-editor of Aukids ( Magazine.

In her free time Tori likes to spend time with her son, Remy and  her two dogs, Tilly and Ted. She loves travelling, playing tennis and  sings in a weekly group.

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Photo: Tricia


Tricia is Time Specialist Support’s finance manager. Tricia is in charge of invoicing families and councils and most importantly making sure that our valued support workers get paid! Tricia is not based in the Salford office but works from home. Before working for Time, Tricia helped her husband Tony run his own business, she has also owned her own card shop and worked in an accountancy firm to name but a few of her jobs!

When she is not working, Tricia likes to play golf and bridge. Tricia is also Tori’s mum!

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Photo: Ally


Ally started working for Time in July 2016 as the new Service Manager. She has worked with children and young adults with autism and special needs since 2003. She has a broad spectrum of experience ranging from working for the  Seashell Trust to the NHS.

“When the chance arose to work for Time I found it was an opportunity too good to pass up, we are a forward thinking company that is dedicated to the welfare of the families entrusted to us. We constantly strive to improve our service and work within a dedicated team to ensure this happens”

In her spare time Ally enjoys cooking, long walks and camping, although after a weekend away with her 2 teenage boys and dog she found out that 2 teenagers and a wet dog don’t go well in a tent so is definitely a fair weather camper!

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Photo: Sophie


Sophie started working for Time Specialist Support in May 2018, first as a support worker and then in 2019 Sophie joined the core team and now works as Assistant Manager. 

“I was excited when the opportunity arose for me to join the core team at Time. I love going out into the community meeting and building relationships with Time’s service users and their families. Working at TSS is more rewarding than I ever could have imagined and working with our young people has taught me that it really is the little things in life that make all the difference!”

When Sophie isn’t working she loves to spend time socialising with her family and friends and exploring new places with her canine companion- Blossom! 

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Photo: Richard


Richard started working for Time Specialist Support in 2013 as a Support Worker, a role he continued in for several years while working as a Teaching Assistant and Maths Tutor. In April 2022 Richard joined the core team as a Field Supervisor.

“I have always enjoyed supporting our service users. Over the years I have enjoyed forming positive relationships with the people I have supported and seeing the positive impact of the service on the families we work with. When the opportunity to move into the role of field supervisor was presented, I was very excited to have the chance to help enable this.”

When Richard isn’t working he likes to go walking and loves to play board games whenever he has the chance.

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