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Feedback and complaints

We are committed to ensuring that any person or organisation using services provided by Time Specialist Support has the right to lodge a complaint or have their concerns addressed.

A comment is a remark, observation or criticism that may require immediate action but does not require a full investigation. Time Specialist Support records all comments received and will discuss these in Team meetings as and when they arise so that improvements can be discussed and implemented.

A compliment is a polite expression of praise or commendation. If a compliment is about an individual staff member then they will be informed in writing and a copy of the compliment is stored in their personnel file. Compliments can help us share good practice and improve our services.

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction, whether verbal or written, and whether justified or not and which requires further investigation. You can make a complaint about any aspect of the delivery of Time Specialist Support’s services.

If you file a complaint, we will-

  • Listen and treat you with respect
  • Tell you what to expect while your complaint is being looked into
  • Carry out the complaint handling process in a fair and open way
  • Provide reasons for decisions that are made
  • Protect your privacy

If you want to complain we will follow this policy

If you would like to send us feedback, comments, compliments or a complaint you can send these by: 

Telephoning us on 0161 879 7984

By emailing us at

Or if you are sending a complaint which involves any of the management team and you wish to speak to someone else you can directly email our Director, Tori Houghton at

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